Updated: April 18, 2019

I watch acquaintances and strangers try to navigate the difficult waters of hiring trades people in North London every day (Yes I’m a Facebook lurker). I don’t blame customers who are looking for a decorator or builder to get overwhelmed by the options available in London. I wouldn’t be Missus Sultan if I didn’t have an answer for you.

How to know if a builder is trustworthy?
Trustworthy builder

5 Steps to finding the perfect tradesman for you:

1. Get three quotes. Even if you have a clear favourite, get the others to be 100% sure of your choice.

2. Make sure the company/individual you choose has an online presence. This provides transparency and you can see how often they post new work, get reviews etc.

3. Choose someone LOCAL. It’s a plus if they are within a 20 mins drive from you. Not only do you invest locally but also there is a higher probability that they will be on time. If they are unreliable they will not take the job so close to home.

4. Don’t choose the cheapest option. This should be a no-brainer. Just question yourself whether you want someone who is on a minimum wage responsible for your home. Check that the company is fully insured. If they charge VAT and have appropriate liability insurance – that’s a sign that they are an established company. If you can’t afford a skilled professional, save up until you can.

5. Be honest. If you know that there is something dodgy with your pipes, or that there is rising damp behind the sofa – tell them straight up. Otherwise, it will only come back to bite you (and your trades people) in the future. Similarly don’t be afraid to ask all the questions. Tradespeople love to show off their knowledge and if they don’t like answering then you know that they are not right for you.

Any building or decorating project is a two way relationship built on trust. We trust you with our time, our expertise and our hard work. In return, you trust us with your home or business. We want to complete the work within time and budget – so that you, our client, can enjoy your beautifully finished property.

Why take advice from Missus Sultan

I’m not an expert of the trade. Reza, my husband however has over 15 years of experience in the multi-trades, specialising in decorating and project management.

Instead my role in the company is to provide a bridge between the contractors (led by Reza) and our client. I love being the translator between technical jargon and layman terms. I don’t hesitate to question the experts if I don’t understand something. This way I can make sure that our clients are fully on board with their decisions (and vice versa). I always have the customer in mind.

Please do get in touch via our quote request form if you would like a non obligatory free quote visit.

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