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How do you know when a tiler knows their stuff? We do, and we’ll make sure we choose the right subcontractor for the job. From metro tiles to complex mosaics, some are straightforward to fit while others are fiddly.

Luckily for you, we Sultans love a challenge, and we can also refurbish tired tiles with a bit of TLC. In some cases we’ll bring in a tile specialist (often our very own Sultan steps up to the task).

Specialist tiling services

There are miles of tiles to choose from. We’ve been known to fit the following:


Porcelain and ceramic tiles – made from clay biscuit and topped with a glaze, ceramic tiles are hardwearing, easy to maintain and virtually waterproof, so they’re ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Glazed porcelain tiles can be printed on with amazing effects, so they’re often on show in restaurants and stores.


Natural stone tiles – quarried stone like marble and quartz is classically beautiful but often fiddly to fit, and can carry a price tag to match. Gorgeous though!


Encaustic tiles – techy alert! The coloured clays used in these tiles are sealed using a firing method that dates back to Victorian times. End result: they look lovely.


Cement tiles – more likely to be cement-effect, encaustic cement tiles are actually made from clay. Often patterned, they can add an understated, gentle style detail.


Mosaic tiles – tiny squares of tile stuck to a sheet, mosaics were hugely popular when Levant, souk-style was all the rage. They’re still a top choice for adding a splash of colour. Made from materials such as glass and stone, they can give a lift to otherwise dull areas.

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