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We were delighted when this project was introduced to us by an interior designer we had worked with before.

The client, a wonderful Willesden family, had colourful ideas for their interior decorating.

This included a bunch of bold wallpapers that were destined to elevate their home and bring out their personality.  


Wallpapers come in many different styles but they also differ a lot depending on the brand, type and pattern.

It is important to follow the installation specifications and sometimes experience will help us along the way.

The wallpapers in this project came from a few different sources, but our team of specialists hung each one impeccably.We relish getting around small issues.

The client did a great job of ordering wallpaper but one roll ran out – fortunately we sourced another one to complete the project.

Interior painting

Alongside the beautiful blend of wallpaper patterns chosen by our clients, they had also chosen a palette of deep earthy colours from Benjamin Moore. The whole effect exuded warmth and calm, ideal for a lovely home and its equally lovely occupants.

Kids room wallpaper

Many parents are experienced in the dinosaur era.

Yes, we mean palaeontology, but we’re talking about it from a child’s point of view. How many children have fallen in love with those real-life monsters who once walked the earth – possibly right where those bedrooms now stand?

What better  way to celebrate your child’s love for dinosaurs than to give them a room with this amazing dinosaur wallpaper? 

Which leopard print wallpaper do you prefer?

Leopard print is a growing trend, not only in fashion but also for wall coverings. A leopard print conveys strength, grace and feminine power. Who wouldn’t want that for their home? We installed not one, but two, completely different wallpapers with a leopard print theme for our client. 

The classic leopard print

This classic leopard print wallpaper is geometrically pleasing, because of course Mother Nature does the best patterns. In this case it gives the child’s bedroom a bold and fun look. 

The colourful leopard print

This second leopard print consists of flowers and leopard faces in a beautiful maximalist pattern, taking cats to a whole new level.

Even though it’s a children’s room, we know quite a few women who would be delighted to have this in their own bedroom.

Hanging wallpapers with intricate patterns requires exceptional skill. Here we see one of our specialist decorators working his magic.

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