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    At Sultan Decorators, we specialise in professional wallpaper hanging, ensuring flawless results that exceed expectations.

    Our skilled decorators stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, creating stunning feature walls and adding sophistication to any space.

    Browse our portfolio for examples of our meticulous wallpaper work, showcasing our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail in properties in and around North London.

    Designer Wallpaper – Ralph Lauren

    When you are spending a respectable amount of money on a designer wallpaper, it is crucial that you hire a professional to install it. This Ralph Lauren wallpaper gives the room a luxurious look – and isn’t it lucky that the homeowner chose the Sultans to hang it?

    Eco-friendly wallpaper

    If you are interested in eco-friendly decorating materials, that can also extend to your wallpaper choice. Sultan Decorators has experience in hanging eco-friendly wallpaper and can advise you in your choice. 

    For more information on eco friendly wallpapers head over to our blog. 

    Inspiring wallpaper for children

      When decorating your child’s room it’s crucial to cater to their imagination. What better way to do that than using wallpaper? This map is perfect for the little explorer dreaming travel dreams in this room, and it just so happens to be an eco-friendly brand as well!

      Textured wallpaper

      Hanging textured wallpaper requires additional precision. Our decorators have experience in hanging various textured wallpapers and can make sure that the process is completed according to any specifications required. Textured wallpaper brings that extra element of texture and depth, elevating the visual appeal and creating a tactile experience that truly transforms your space.

      Bold patterns in a utility room

        This utility room in Southgate was a tricky small space for wallpaper hanging. But we can’t resist a challenge! Our specialist decorators made the space fabulous with the help of this bold birds of paradise wallpaper. You’ll never get bored in this loo, for sure. There go the flamingos!

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