Installing a wetroom in Muswell Hill N10

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  • Tiling
  • Wet room
  • Carpentry

We loved installing this wet room in a residential property in Muswell Hill, north London. The owners were a small family with a gorgeous cat called George. The project aimed to transform an outdated bathroom into a modern, functional wet room that would enhance accessibility, convenience and aesthetic appeal for the homeowners. It also included the upcycling of a vintage cabinet.

Tiling that matches the cat

For the tiling in the wet room, the clients opted for the elegant and timeless appeal of grey stone tiles – which perfectly matched George the cat. The tiles added a touch of sophistication and character to the space, perfectly complementing the modern design of the wet room. We think the shades of grey create a visually captivating floor and wall covering, adding depth and interest to the overall aesthetic.

A wonderful wet room is what we want

In Scandinavia, wet rooms are the norm. Why? Firstly they are step-free and spacious, which makes them a lot safer. And safety’s not just for pensioners or the less physically able we all deserve to step into a showers without tripping over steps or squeezing into tiny cubicles. Secondly, the wet room tanking process gives your bathroom a superior waterproof membrane. This protective layer acts as a shield, preventing moisture from seeping into the underlying structure and causing damage.

Proper wet room tanking is essential for maintaining the integrity of the surrounding areas and prolonging the lifespan of the wet room. Once that’s done, you can enjoy peace of mind, along side a durable and watertight bathing space.

Before and after

Wet rooms are the future, and we think this example illustrates the point perfectly. Thisold shower cubicle looked like a time machine from the 90s. Now it’s much classier, and will definitely last longer than a traditional shower cubicle.

See our work

Have a peek at all the work we’ve done on this property in North London, including chic tiling and efficient wet room installation.

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