Flooring in various properties in North London


  • Flooring

    Flooring is a big part of a home renovation and a crucial element to enjoying your home space.

    Many properties in North London are historical and have beautiful original wood flooring.

    Unfortunately in some cases, restoring it to its original glory might be more expensive than laying completely new flooring.

    Here are some examples of flooring work carried out by our team.

    Laminate flooring

    Laminate flooring for a client in Muswell Hill. We think this LVT laminate flooring is so stylish and gives a luxurious feel. Modern laminate flooring is very cost effective and also of great quality.

    Wood staining

    This young family in Finchley wanted their original wood flooring to be stained white, Scandinavian style. It gives an organic, rustic feel that perfectly complements this historic property.

    Restoring staircases

      Here is a before and after of a staircase we worked on a few years ago. A lot of time, love and care went into restoring this staircase to its former glory. The client said it had never looked this beautiful before!

      Composite flooring

      This flooring was for a single mum in Kingsbury. When moving into your first home, a sweep of beautiful flooring can help you feel grounded.

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