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We take great pride in having repeat clients as it serves as a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This bathroom project was for a valued return client in Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill.

She wanted the bathroom to be a luxurious space with both a bathtub and a shower cubicle for the adults in the family.

To fulfil her desires, she carefully selected a stunning combination of brass and black fittings along with some exquisite bathroom furniture.

The Sultan construction team, known for its exceptional craftsmanship, carried out the installation, adding another successful project to the list.

Once The bathroom was looking beautiful, we turned to the sitting room, which needed a fresh coat of paint. We called in our dedicated decorating team, who did an equally marvellous job.

Positive experiences with repeat clients reaffirm that we are on the right track. If all upcoming projects are as delightful as this one, the future is bright for our construction company.

Sultan Decorators Bathroom tiling example

Black fittings in bathrooms

Black fittings are all the rage nowadays. If this is the route you’ve chosen, it’s very important to buy high quality items and follow any maintenance instructions carefully because black fixtures and fittings scratch very easily. But they do look exceptionally stylish, don’t they?

Interior decorating

While we were there we also did some painting, adding a classy Hague Blue shade for their sitting room (borrowed from the Farrow & Ball colour palette and matched in another brand). We painted the light fittings to integrate them with the wall. Saturated blues and reds are some of the hardest to paint, but as you can see the finish here is immaculate.

Five top tips when considering black fittings in your bathroom:

(From Diana, the Swedish Sultan/Managing Director)

  1. Style and aesthetic: make sure black fittings align with your bathroom’s decor and colour scheme, to add a sleek and modern touch.
  2. Maintenance and cleaning: consider the higher visibility of water spots and fingerprints on black fittings, and decide if you’re willing to invest extra effort in maintenance.
  3. Lighting and space: balance black fittings with lighter accents to avoid  visual overwhelm, especially in smaller or poorly lit bathrooms.
  4. Material and durability: opt for high-quality black finishes on materials like brass or stainless steel for better resistance to tarnishing and corrosion.
  5. Long-term versatility: if you’re unsure about committing to black fittings, choose removable accessories or fixtures that can be easily replaced or repainted in the future.

Take your time and carefully evaluate your preferences, budget, and bathroom requirements before making a decision about black fittings.

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