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Kitchen refurbishments

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we prepare nourishment for family and friends. Catch-ups happen here, and cook-offs. You wouldn’t want your kitchen or heart rebuilt by anyone other than experienced specialists.

That’s where we come in. We’renot only there as professional tradespeople, we’re there to make sure that the whole process is done with the care and attention your kitchen deserves. This is why a kitchen renovation really is the heart surgery of construction work.

Kitchen choices

There are countless options when it comes to refurbishing a kitchen, but some enjoy a transformation from a simple repaint. In most cases our traders can repair and replace specific worn-out items, which is a great eco-friendly alternative to buying new goods.

Specialist kitchen installations in London

We love fitting kitchens in new or just-bought homes, and we can install the whole thing, including any utilities you choose.

Our favourite kitchen provider is Howdens. The company works directly with tradesmen, so to access their excellent kitchens, homeowners have to go through us. We also install Magnet, Ikea and most other kitchen producers. 

Our trusted electricians, plumbers and tilers are here to support the full process of your kitchen refurbishment or fitting. And of course our very own Sultan oversees it all.



At the heart of the home, plumbing is one of the most important areas of any major house project. We call in expert help that’s just right for the job, and all our trusted subcontracted plumbers are supervised by Reza, the Sultan himself. He knows a thing or two about pipes and boilers and will ensure your new home has an efficient, smooth-running water system.

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