Updated: May 1, 2020

I don’t know any tradespeople who charge to quote. It’s a great service that we will drive to our prospective clients homes, spend time giving them advice and answering their questions all for free. Then we will spend time researching and calculating materials, subcontractors and any other resources. Finally, we write it all out, as detailed as we possibly can, making sure that our T&C’s are clear and fair. If we make any mistakes, we will have to cover the cost, so it has to be done with care. Sometimes it can take time. Yet about a third of all quotes do not even get a reply (this is not unique to our company, I have conducted some online research with other tradespeople).

Painter running to complete paperwork
Not just decorating

We take pride in the process which looks as follows.

The Sultan’s Quoting Process

1. A prospective client fills out our Quote Request Form

They provide us with the property address, their requirements and contact details. As we will enter this into our accounting system, we have to ask their permission to use them.

2. Within a day or two, I get in touch to arrange a visit. Depending on location and how busy we are – the waiting time can vary. Sometimes up to 10 working days. But if you are local (North London; especially Crouch End, Archway, Muswell Hill, Highgate, West Hampstead, Finchley) Reza will normally come out within 5 working days.

3. During the visit the client tells Reza what they would like quoted for. If the client asks, Reza will happily advise and answer questions.

4. Writing and sending you a proper quote can take anything from a couple of hours to two weeks. I try to give our clients a heads up on how long it will take.

5. If the client chooses our quote they contact me and pay a 10% deposit (refundable within 14 days of accepting the quote) to secure their date.

6. I start a WhatsApp group for the project where we can communicate any ongoing issues.

Our company is very lucky in that we have a person who is solely responsible for all the office based tasks (Me, Missus Sultan/Managing Director). This way, the tradespeople can focus on doing their jobs. Nevertheless it has to be Reza (The Sultan/Managing Director) who makes the calculations, as his knowledge and experience is irreplaceable. Every company/tradesperson is different. Small specialised sole traders, like the local handyman or one man painter, might tackle this task by writing less detailed quotes. Our team is dedicated to finishing your project on time, but also to make sure you have all the up to date info and that we provide you with excellent customer service. Something quite rare for a building company.

If you are looking for a free quotation for your refurbishment project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You know the drill now, please fill out our Quote Request Form.

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