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This is a list of frequently asked questions concerning our construction-based services. If you have a question that’s not covered here, don’t hesitate to contact us. Communication is a very important part of the building work process – Sultan Decorators are always finding new ways to be more transparent and clear in what we do.
What areas do you cover?

Sultan Decorators loves its north London neighbourhood and we cover most of the locale, including:

Archway | Crouch End | East Finchley | Finchley | Golders Green | Haringey & Barnet | Hampstead | Highgate | Hornsey | West Hampstead.
If your area doesn’t appear here, just ask. 

Do the projects have to be major?

Not at all. Our work is all about detail, so we love attending to repairs and retouching just as much as we love repainting an entire home.

Can I just get a kitchen makeover?

Of course, your project is all about what needs to be done, so if the kitchen is the focus then that’s the area we’ll work on. And if it only needs a makeover rather than a total rebuild, we can do that too. We can do a lot with an existing framework: you’d be surprised how new unit doors, or a simple case of kitchen painting, can bring instant energy to your space.

Can you help choose furniture?

Sultans is in touch with several experts who can help you choose furniture – we will put you in touch with our professional interior designers.

Do you design as well?

Let us know what kind of design help you need and we will make an appointment with the relevant architect, building engineer or interior designer for you.

How long will it take to get a quote?

We aim to send all quotes within two weeks of the quote visit. Most quotes are sent within seven working days.

What’s your process?
  1. You fill out our Quote Request Form, providing us with your property address, requirements and contact details. We will be entering details into our accounting system, so need to ask your permission to use them.


  1. Within a couple of days, Diana will get in touch to arrange a visit. Depending on location and how busy we Sultans are, the waiting time can vary, sometimes up to 10 working days. Most of our quote visits take place on Saturdays. If this is not convenient for you, we will attempt to arrange an alternative appointment.


  1. During the visit you can tell Reza what should be included in your quote. If you have any questions at this point, Reza will be happy to answer them.


  1. Writing and sending you a proper quote can take anything from a couple of hours to two weeks. 


  1. If you choose to go with our quote, please contact Diana to pay a 10% deposit (refundable within 14 days of accepting the quote) and secure your dates.


  1. Diana creates a WhatsApp group for the project, a space for communication with any ongoing issues.
What will it cost to decorate or refurbish my home?

This is a complex question and it’s very difficult to answer. We take pride in our detailed quotes and they show our commitment to clear and precise communication. Our team consists of tradespeople with a variety of skills and rates. It is our job to calculate who will be most suited to your project and how long it will take to complete it. Rather than competing with other companies on price, we compete based on the quality and longevity of our work. This is why quickfire estimates are not something we offer.

Could you quote without seeing the property

Unfortunately not. We need to see the current state of walls or buildings first to be able to issue an accurate quote. 

Not even a ballpark figure?

Sorry, no. What we value most is the relationship between us and our clients; our itemised and detailed quotes are what make us stand out from the crowd. It also ensures that everything is properly communicated and we’re all on the same page.

Who pays for the materials?

Sultan Decorators prefers to purchase all base materials to best control quantity, quality and delivery times. However, when it comes to expensive items such as utilities or tiles, it makes sense if the purchase is made directly with the seller. We still like to be heavily involved and sometimes we’ll accompany you to the merchants, to advise or access our trade discounts.  

Is Sultan Decorators insured?

Yes we are fully insured. Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our insurance policy. 



Public & products Liability £5,000,000

Don't have the keys yet?

Please note that if the property is newly purchased we will still ask you to try and arrange a visit. In most cases it’s possible – it’s always worth asking the seller or agency if they can oblige. 

Do you need more information about Sultan Decorators construction services?

Why don’t we arrange for a quote visit so that we can see what needs to be done –and you can find out more about how we work?