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Exterior decorating & construction

We love decorating North London!

There is nothing more inviting than a well kept property exterior. Treat your front door to a colourful makeover, and repoint those bricks that have been making your home look tired and unkept. The exterior of your property is not all about beauty, its primary function is to protect you.

London is a fascinating place to live, but you need somewhere beautiful to rest.

The walls and roof of your home are there to shelter you from the British weather and the city that never sleeps.

Give them a makeover and enjoy your new sanctuary.

Painting external walls

Wouldn’t you love to walk up to your own door, and stop to admire it? We enjoy restoring windows and doors to their former glory, and we know how to prep, and give the best finish, using the right products and techniques.

Sultan Decorators Exterior Painting
Sultan Decorators Exterior Painting

Painting exterior woodwork

We love to restore your windows and doors to their former glory, and we know how to prep, and give the best finish, using the right products and techniques.

Sultan Decorators Externall Paint Removal

External paint removal

Not every house looks its best under a coat of paint. Many homeowners are now taking their exteriors back to the original beautiful brickwork. We have plenty of experience in the various methods and materials involved in removing the paint from your external walls. We always recommend restoring and repairing the bricks as well, and we use trusted local bricklayers to do the job.


Paint-stripping chemicals


Sand and soda blasting

Sultan Decorators Externall Paint Removal

Brickwork & Roofing

Repointing and repairing brickwork is a big part of what we do. Well kept brickwork not only makes your house look great, it also plays a vital role in protecting your home from wind and water damage. It’s important to pay attention to the state of your walls and inspect them regularly. Don’t wait until you have a water leak to maintain your existing brickwork. The same applies to your roof – look after yours and it will look after you!: Sultan Decorators provides roofing services through a specialist subcontractor. Give us a call if you have roofing concerns, and we can take a look.

Why you need scaffolding

We use scaffolding because it is necessary, it’s as simple as that. From a health and safety perspective, ladders should only be used for short periods of time (for things like snagging or fixing pipes). We will follow the insurance conditions that adhere to H&S guidelines, and we won’t endanger our subcontractors’ lives. We also know that scaffolding allows for a superior finish.

Sultan Decorators Scaffolding
Sultan Decorators Exterior
Sultan Decorators Exterior

Other exterior work

From white picket fence to wrought iron railing, it’s all down to the detail. We can repair or install fencing and paving, tiled paths and other key areas around the exterior of your home.

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