Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We are still working.

Sure, our operations have been minimised, scrutinised and carefully planned. But government guidelines say that we should continue trading if safe to do so. Here is how we are protecting our clients, ourselves and our community.


Since I wrote this blog post the lock-down measures have been eased a bit. And this might change in the months ahead. But I would like to assure all our clients that we will still be as careful as before. This means that we expect you to also stay alert.


Stringent Measures

This is why we are taking stringent measures; in ensuring that we keep the required 6 feet distance. During quote visits and such, we will wear masks and gloves.Each project is assessed according to whether we are able to work within the regulations. We are focussing on exterior work and empty properties. But there are situations where building work is essential even though the inhabitants are still residing in other parts of the property. Where possible we will hire a portaloo.

Washing hands

On Site

We are also very particular about hygiene. Washing our hands and keeping hand sanitiser ready in the van at all times. We communicate with all clients so that they are as careful as we are and make sure nobody who is connected to our sites is cavalier about the dangers of infection. We also keep the teams small so that they don’t unnecessarily bump into each other. If several trades are working on the same project we will ensure that they are working in separate days and wiping down surfaces with each trade swap.

Why we continue trading?

We asked our Instagram followers whether we should continue trading. Only two people said no. They were both decorating professionals. While we respect their position and would love to be able to close down during lock-down, we have a whole team of subcontractors. They are dependent on our projects for survival. Sadly the government support packages are not enough for everyone, and we do still need to keep working while taking precautions.


What we posted on Instagram

Sultan DIY support

A Facebook Group

Need advice not services?

Not all building and decorating work is essential. This is why Missus Sultan recently started a Facebook Group with our trusted trade experts there to provide support to all enthusiastic or reluctant DIYers. We have master carpenters, a plumber, garden and interior designers and of course, our very own Sultan (Reza, our Managing Director). All based in North London and local to you. So if you are embarking on a DIY adventure or have a DIY emergency on your hands, this could be a great spot to ask your questions. HERE is where you can do that (if it’s urgent urgent, please call instead).

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