Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We’re very proud to welcome the Mirka Deros to the Sultan family.

From today, we are providing our clients with the very latest in dust free technology all as part of our standard service, at no extra cost. It’s this nifty high end sander which is attached to a power tool extractor which makes our preparation 99.5% dust free.


EDIT: Since this post we’ve purchased a another couple of sanders. They have revolutionised the way we work with surfaces, made us more effective and DUSTLESS. Honestly it feels like walking on air. Which isn’t polluted by millions of little particles. But the three reasons below are still the same. Happy reading.

Three reasons

1) Dustless technology makes us faster as we have less cleaning to do.

We still do quite a lot of tidying up. Our trusted Henry the Hoover is an important member of our team too (in fact there are two Henry’s). All our subcontractors are trained to make sure they leave rooms cleaner than when they found them. This does not mean that we never miss a spot or that during the process there aren’t moments when your home isn’t sparkle clean. But believe me, it is our priority.

Mirka Deros Nilfisk Extractor
Dustless Mirka Sander

2) Dustless sanding keeps your home cleaner.

That terrible dust used to go everywhere. Sometimes it travelled to neighbours. It was hard to keep track of where it went.

3) Dustless sanding protects your lungs from all those nasty little particles.

Can you put a price on health? These are tiny bits of wood, paint, plaster or whatever else the previous builders or decorators have used before. We don’t want it in our lungs, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

How we used to do it before.

To make your walls the envy of all, we make sure that we sand them so that any irregularities, holes or other issues become flush with the wall. This used to cover us and our client’s homes in a layer of white dust. We combated this with dustsheets and a good old fashioned hoover down every day. But it was time consuming and sometimes the fine dust would travel to unexpected little nooks. Not to mention into our lungs.

A Decorators Best Friend

Here you can see our new pal, Mirka Deros. He (or she?) is lightweight, high end and uses top quality Abranet Abrasives. This piece of kit sands perfectly, evenly and then it sucks all that nasty dust into the Nilfisk Aero Extractor. It’s a complete game changer in this business. Your walls and woodwork will now look even smoother, and our lungs will thank us. That does sound good.

So if you are looking for a quote from such a decorator. Choose the Sultans!

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