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Bathroom and wetroom installations

Your bathroom should be a place of self care and relaxation. Whether you’re a bathtub or shower kind of person, locking that door and caring for your body is therapeutic. This is why having a spotless and fully functional bathroom isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

In fact, if we had to choose one room in our home which was the most important to keep up to date – it would always be the bathroom. Your bathroom should leave you feeling clean and new – so make sure you take care of it.

We can install new utilities such as








shower mixers


shower screens


heated towel rails


bathroom furniture

Scandinavian style wet rooms

We can’t deny it –  what we love most are Scandinavian-style wet rooms, as they’re great space-savers and they last for ages. You’d be surprised at how getting rid of your shower tray can make such a big difference to your morning routine. And we have lots of other ways to help you make your bathroom a more comfortable and practical space.

Can’t decide on tiles? Take a look at our tiling page to see which options work best for you.

Sultan Decorators Bathroom before and after

Before and after

Here’s a great example of an excellent Sultan bathroom transformation.


The bathroom on the left has a lot of dark grouting and feels cramped and outdated. It’s not a space that would help us reset or feel peaceful.


The bathroom on the right, after the Sultan treatment, has seamless stone tiling across floor and walls, an updated suite and a timeless, serene look. Form an orderly queue to feel revitalised in this space!

Sultan Decorators Bathroom before and after

Bathroom and wetroom installations Projects

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