Updated: Jul 16, 2020

It’s expensive, it’s posh and it’s wildly popular. So why do I think it is awful? Let’s talk about common Farrow and Ball paint problems.

Painters angry about Farrow & Ball paint
Farrow & Ball isn’t to everyone’s taste

A Farrow & Ball review by Missus Sultan

Who wouldn’t want to paint their home in colours with names like “Elephant’s Breath” or “Dead Salmon”? I would almost retract my critique of their products if they gave me a job in their very clever marketing department. I would start my day with naming their new shade ” For Heaven’s Sake Don’t Touch the Walls!”, or maybe I would go for the more elusive “Hedgehog’s Piss”?

Seriously though, it’s a badly kept secret that most decorators/painters despise Farrow & Ball. Mention it to your tradesperson and watch the little light of despair come on in their eyes. I should add that we have used F&B successfully quite a few times. We’ve just included the extra work in our labour costs. It is not that difficult to follow the instructions and provide customers with their desired chalky finish.

But why, you ask? How can anyone hate Hague Blue?

For this very reason, I have compiled a list of:

5 reasons you should avoid this well known brand.

1. Longevity

It is not a durable paint. Our work is all about longevity and we don’t want our clients to get scuff marks or chipped paint by just living in their home. Most professional reviews will confirm this. Many users do report Farrow and Ball paint problems. Not just while applying it.

2. Eco-Friendliness

The above point goes against the brands eco-friendly image. The best way to look after Mother Earth while re-decorating is actually to do it as SELDOM as possible. If a paint doesn’t last, this makes it not friendly to the environment. Read more about Eco Friendly Paints here.

3. The “3 coat System”

The problem with Farrow and Ball is that it is a 3 coat system which requires flawless preparation. Don’t even think to use a cheaper off-brand primer. I’ve heard many a unexperienced painter try that and end up with a disaster on their hands. Not to mention that their sales department will just laugh at you if you run into ANY problems if you don’t use the “full system”..

4. Price

A five-litre pot of F&B estate emulsion costs almost double of the Dulux equivalent. And that’s not counting the fact that you have to use far more of it. I’m not saying Dulux is the best paint. But there are many far superior alternatives.

5. Don’t be mean to the painter

Building & Decorating works can be a stressful process. Our job is to guide you through the choices so that we can eliminate any pitfalls. But not every painter is as patient as Reza (the Sultan’s Managing Director). It just pays off to be nice. If you do choose to use their products, just make sure you pay them very well.

If you’re not convinced, that’s fine. Just remember to not touch the walls.

P.S. As a bonus reason: David Cameron uses F&B. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will?

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